Can-tastic Exhibition !

Have you ever played with food? You know making some sandwich faces with eggs as eyes, tomatoes as a tongue. Or cutting fruits in different shapes and using them to create a “piece of art”, like palms (bananas and kiwis) on a sand beach (tangerines). The case I am going to write about now is  let’s say more professional.

Teams of architects, designers and even engineers were challenging during the 22nd annual Canstruction exhibition where they designed and constructed 3D sculptures made out of only cans of food.

The 2014 NYC Canstruction exhibition  hosted and sponsored by Arts Brookfield features 3D sculptures made of 100,000 cans of food.

This exhibition has been helping the City Harvest to fill their trucks during the winter period for more than two decades. As the poverty level in New York City has been increasing and many people are not sure what their next meal will be, after the end of Canstruction exhibition all the cans will be collected and donated to City Harvest.

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Renter’s Horror Stories

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or a long time renter, this article is a must-read. There is renters heaven and renters hell, so soothe your burning memories of unbearable housemates and unfair landlords with the following horror stories.

The Surprise Under The Oven


“After coming back to my apartment post-wisdom-teeth-surgery-stay at my grandmother’s, I smelled something rotting. Then, I proceeded to see 5 mice before I fell asleep. First thing in the morning, I called my landlord to get an exterminator, but I couldn’t figure out what smelled so terribly. Turned out there were 5 dead rats wedged under the oven.”

The One That Smelled Of Fish


“I used to live above a fish store and on a hot summer day, the smell would take over the apartment — not to mention, attracted little critters to the house.” – Michelle Manetti, Associate Edior, HuffPost Home

The Landlord Who Stole The Bathtub


One story tells a landlord that removes the bathtub as won’t pay extra for carpets and curtains. He never specified this wasn’t part of the agreed price, yet took it upon themselves to take a Jacuzzi bathtub out of the deal.

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Hidden Gems of New York City: I Mean Really Hidden

Recreational trespasser, Steve Duncan, has made himself famous due to his eagerness in exploring famous scenes of New York City, and other cities around the world. He has a blog full of breathtaking videos and incredible pictures as witnesses of his adventures. It is hard to believe somebody dares to challenge his own life and the law in search of lost rivers, best views atop bridges, hidden subway station, abandoned missile silos, catacombs, underground secret societies. But in his TED-talk video you realized, he is just a 30 something years old PhD student in urban history fanatic about urban structures above and below ground.


In one of his videos he climbed the Williamsburg Bridge together with his friend camera-man in the middle of the night. While Williamsburg Bridge is mostly used for car crossing over the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn, cycling and walking, Duncan challenges the cops and makes himself atop the bridge, showing an astounding view of the whole Manhattan isle in the middle of the night. Simply beautiful.

“A city is prettiest to see from the air. You’re insanely high – you have no idea how big it is until you’re up there,” says Duncan. When opened in 1903, the 1,600 foot long main span of the Williamsburg Bridge was the world’s longest suspension span, surpassing the nearby Brooklyn Bridge by only 4.5 feet. The Williamsburg Bridge remained the world’s longest suspension bridge span for 21 years until the opening of the Bear Mountain Bridge in 1924. There are four main suspension cables are 18.75 inches in diameter and each composed of over 10,000 wires.

duncan6Getting atop the Williamsburg Bridge (best done at night) requires walking the bridge’s length starting in Brooklyn, then climbing multiple stories of steel scaffolding visible to passing cars and pedestrians. It is a huge risk and he  seems to climb it as easily as he walks. Police shootings of trespassers in subway tunnels and on bridge tops are infrequent, but in 1998, for example, 27-year-old Robert Landeta died after falling from the Brooklyn Bridge, while police arrested three men on the Williamsburg Bridge in 2003.


In the end of the video, Duncan smiles and adds “I find them just kind of time capsules, you know, [a] way to step into the past and see something about how New York grew.”


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