Art is a universal form of way to express your feelings and your thoughts. One of the million ways to manifest it is this:

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

Robin Wight made this masterpiece from STAINLESS STEEL. The thing is how could such delicate subjects like a young woman or a dandelion can be exposed by an element that usually represents the opposite of them.

Stainless Steel symbolize generally our industrial society with it’s labor class, alienation, coal, hardworking and sweaty men. You know…

BUT artist Robin Wight is one that surpasses this image. Stainless Steel doesn’t represent any of those symbols but these more feminine and natural forms. His technique and his imagination provides a sort of paradoxe that we live everyday and that’s why it is a masterpiece.

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Maria // SMC Editor


Maria // SMC Editor