Take a bike and let’s go to Peace Bridge

Bridges don’t have to be just boring old steel parts of your city that allow you to cross a river. It also can be unique experience with nice architecture around you so you would like to stop and enjoy the atmosphere.

Santiago Calatrava

One of these kinds of bridges is Peace Bridge that crosses the Bow river in Calgary. This bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish neofuturistic architect and sculptor, who is known for his elegant structures combining structure with a touch of sculpturing. His bridge is a remarkable solution to a number of challenging design criteria. “It seems very simple at the first glance, but Peace Bridge is a very technical structure.”

The Peace Bridge is a red and white tubular structure, candy cane-colored footbridge that was finished in 2012. It has over 126-meter span and it reduces the environmental impact as there are no intermediary supports. This bridge is designed for pedestrians and cyclists so wide bridge’s deck provides a space for them on the both sides. It is covered in glass so it provides year-round safe passage for cyclists and pedestrians.

The Peace Bridge was honored in in the prestigious biennial National Steel Design Awards of Excellence that is given by Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.

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