Solar-Powered Water Wheel in Baltimore cleans 50,000 Pounds of Trash per Day


If you go to Baltimore this summer,you might see a strange looking machine strolling slowly in the Harbor. This machine is called the Inner Harbor Water Wheel and its main task is to clean up the trash that gets thrown into the water.Powered by 30 solar panels and the water current, the wheel is able to remove approximately 50,000 pounds of trash per day. It’s estimated that the wheel will stay in use for at least 15 years and by 2020 the harbor will become clean enough to be used for recreational purposes.

Baltimore solar powered wheel – source:

The wheel was invented by John Kellett and it works as follow: two orange booms help funnel debris towards the Wheel, where  trash is intercepted and pushed it onto a moving conveyer belt which empties out into a 16 yard dumpster, located on top of a floating dock. Once the dumpster is full, the dock is detached, hooked up to a boat, and then taken to a RESCO waste-to-energy plant, where the trash is incinerated and turned into electrical energy. The incredible machine has also a secondary use which is to put more oxygen into the water through the rotation of the waterwheel. It helps to attract more fish and improve habitat conditions and water quality. . As a project of the Healthy Harbor Living Laboratory, the Water Wheel also serves to educate people about storm-water management and the Inner Harbor.


The important element about the wheel is the material used. In fact Galvanizing was chosen as a coating because of its sustainability and its reaction to a constant contact with water. Galvanized steel has a very high resistance to humidity but also doeasn’t require costly maintenance over the next 15 years.  Another factor was keeping down maintenance costs to a project that already cost over $800,000 to put together.


Shanghai Metal Corporation understand the importance of a green environment and is a manufacturer of Galvanized steel and many other products used for sustainable projects all over the world. For more information, you can visit the company’s website or contact us for any inquiry.

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More than never the car industry is under pressure to find a way to reduce the car consumption without reducing their security, power or increasing dramatically the retail price.


The new popular cars are now smaller than 10 years ago and the reason is mainly cause by the increasing of the gas price and the tendency is not going to stop in the next few years. The cars industry is now working on the engine efficiency to reduce their cars consumption and they also work on the weight reducing. The engine efficiency is basically the same for every car dealer with some minor details on powertrain systems and no majors advances are expended in a near future. However, the frame and body is now the next target of the car industry is looking to improve their next car generation.


One of the future main advances in the car industry is the integration of the carbon on the car body with a low cost price. In fact racing cars and some of the new luxury car already have carbon fiber on their bodies and part, but the price just blow up and it’s a deadlock for medium and low budget cars. There are some studies for producing car body with carbon steel and this can be the solution to reduce the car weight and keep the price in a good range.


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Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a large selection of carbon steel, alloy 40RC, steel strips with the highest quality standard and an affordable pricing. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking personnel will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.


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The Architectural Embodiment of the New Asian Century

Architecture is often viewed as form of art and beauty used to illustrate humanities creativity and imagination in a physical form. It embodies the mood of an era and the limit of technological advancement.

Shanghai skyline

However, power, prestige and wealth have always been illustrated through architecture.  The cathedrals of Europe were always the tallest, largest and most beautiful buildings in the cities as at one time the Catholic Church was the most powerful institution in Europe.  The modern world has seen religious power replaced with financial power and its symbols of importance and prestige are Skyscrapers.

Vaticano in Rome

Asia is developing at an incredible pace and soon the economy of China will surpass that of the USA.  Not surprisingly Asia has also become the new capital for skyscraper construction as the continent illustrates its new found financial power in physical form. One must only look at the skylines of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei to see that Asia is a rising financial power.  As with all monuments a level of grandeur is expected and the nations of Asia have most certainly delivered.

Skylines of Hong Kong

Taipei 101, Jin Mao tower and PETRONAS Towers all show a beautiful mix of inspired Asian design along with a Western embodiment of power.  Today the Majority of the 50 tallest building are in Asia and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Jin Mao tower
Taipei 101

Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of glass curtain walls which are required for the construction of modern skyscrapers.  Making certain that the glass of these new buildings is fastened securely means that we can continue to marvel at Asias new architectural prowess with the confidence that it will stand the test of time.

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Motorbike Performance Copper Exhaust Gaskets


Copper is a ductile metal with very high thermal conductivity. Therefore, copper exhaust gaskets increase flow between 7 to CFM (Cubic feet per minute) depending on the motorcycle model and head work. Unlike gash gaskets which can restrict exhaust gas flow, these copper gaskets permits unrestricted flow, leading to a better and a leaner performance of your engine.


Moreover, gaskets that are made of mesh don’t guarantee a perfect sealing. On the other hand copper is a solid material which proportionate a perfect fit into the cylinder port, meaning no more air leaks and subsequently a loss of power; preventing an excessive wear and tear of your engine.


Therefore, when your next service is due, think wisely and upgrade and a pair of copper gaskets. It will not only last a lot longer but it will also save you some cash every service.


As an international manufacturer and supplier for copper sheet and bronze sheet, Shanghai Metal Corporation produces slitting, edging, and oscillates winding to fit your specific copper requirements. For more information on our copper products please visit our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our Linkedln group, Facebook and Instagram.

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Pylons – The Under Appreciated Life Bringer

It has become as essential to the modern world as water and sunlight were to previous ages. From electricity demand, aging infrastructure, wind turbines, new electricity demands for heating and electric cars, pylons are a necessity to everyday life.

pylon2They have even become a point of reverence to some, with the UK publishing a ‘Pylon of the Month’ publication.


Last Month’s Winner: EASTON-NAB, in Yorkshire, UK.

Though some claim they pose negative health risks, ultimately this is yet to be proven, and pylons remain an integral part of life.

Power pylons are probably one of the best known structural steel products – power lines reach into almost every remote part of our country. A power pylon is made from steel angles, channels and plates that are galvanized to protect it from rust.


They are then bolted together to build a latticed upright structure to support the various high voltage power conductors transmitting our electricity.


Shanghai metal manufactures the steel metal products used to produce electricity pylons. To find out more, please visit our websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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