Filmové mýty o mečoch

Stále som chcela držať meč, bojovať proti všetkým nepriateľom a stať sa prekrásnou rešpektovanou hrdinkou. Keď pozerám všetky tie filmy, kde dobro bojuje so zlom a skoro vždy víťazí. prinútilo ma to zamyslieť sa…Ako sa vyrábajú skutočné meče?

Meče Katanas

Quentin Tarantino alebo japonské komiksové knihy zobrazujú Katanas ako kúzelnú zbraň. Je ostrá a silná natoľko, aby preťala kov, kosť či pevné objekt. Je však tento meč taký skvelý, pretože bola oceľ pri výrobe skladaná viac než tisíckrát?

Realita : Japonskí kováči mečov používali kov známy ako tamahagane. Západ odmietal použitie tohto kovu na výrobu zbraní, pretože obsahoval veľa uhlíka (karbónu). Proces skladania kovu teda začal ako spôsob zbavovania sa karbónu. Skutoční japonskí kováči skladali kov asi osemkrát, keďže vedeli, že mnohonásobné skladanie kovu by viedlo k oslabeniu meča Katana a stal by sa tak hračkou pre deti. Odhliadnuc na fakt, že aj keby ste jeden z takýchto pravých nožov vlastnili, museli by ste mať špeciálny výcvik na to, aby ste ho vôbec vedeli použiť.

“Only a Japanese blade can end something this perverted.” Pulp Fiction

Meče boli na začiatku vždy roztavené

Veľa ľudí verí, že každý meč vznikol z roztavenej a horúcej ocele. Je naozaj veľmi čarovné predstaviť si, že meče, ktoré boli na začiatku roztavené, potom zabili toľko zlých postáv.

Realita : Vyrábať meče takýmto spôsobom ich robím nepoužiteľnými. Oceľová čepeľ, ktorá bola na začiatku roztavená, by sa mohla stať súčasťou akurát tak domácou zbierkou mečov. Každý meč začína svoj život ako veľký tuhý kus kovu, ocele a naberá na tvrdosti.

Pán Prsteňov

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Movie myths about swords

I have always wanted to hold a real sword, fight against all enemies and become a beautiful respected heroine. When I watch movies where good fights against bad and good almost every time wins I am wondering… How are real swords made?

Swords Katanas

Quentin Tarantino or Japanese comic books show Katana as a magic weapon. It is sharp and strong enough to cut through metal, bone or any object you need to cut. Is this sword so amazing because it is folded thousand times and beats non-folded metal?

Reality : Japanese sword-smiths used a metal know as tamahagane. West refused to use this metal for making weapons because it contained a lot of carbon. So process of folding of metal started as a way to get rid off carbon. Real Japanese sword-smiths folded metal about eight times as they knew that folding metal hundreds times would make your Katana soft and ready to become a toy for kids. Last thing to mention is that even if you have a good Katana sword you need a special training how to use it.

“Only a Japanese blade can end something this perverted.” Pulp Fiction

Swords always start as a molten material

Many people believe that every powerful sword came to the world as a molten hot steel. It is very magic to imagine that all of those swords which kill so many bad guys were liquid at the beginning.

Reality : It is very useless and pointless to make a sword like this. Steel blades that start as liquid material could be good just for your home’s collection of swords. Sword has to start as a huge metal piece to become strong.

The Sword of The Witch King – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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What The Movies Got Wrong About Swords

In fantasy novels and action movies, we like to see weapons at work but we don’t particularly care how they were created. Some swords have even more elaborate origin stories than the characters who wield them. All the stranger then, that no one writing our favorite books and movies ever bothered to google how these weapons are really made.

Myth 1: Making a Blade Only Takes One Movie Scene


All you have to do is heat the carbon steel, pound it into shape, then heat it again like they do in movies. Those montages never take more than a couple minutes; surely you could churn out countless swords a day? In fact, a single longsword can take anywhere from 40 to 80 hours of forge time.

Myth 2: Magic Metals Make Super-Powered Swords

game-of-thrones-ned-stark sword

We’ve already covered this one in our article about the reality of shows like Game of Throne’s Valyrian Steel Blades. Sadly, here in the real world, we just have steel. There are no hidden mines spitting up extra special sword metal, no meteorites raining magic space iron down on our heads.

Myth 3: Katanas Are the Greatest Sword Ever Invented


If you’ve ever watched a Tarantino then you are well aware of this myth. Draped in honour, these samurai swords are folded multiple times to get them to unparelled sharpness levels. However, katanas are typically made of pig iron, and are only folded to remove the impurities of the sub-par metal.

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