The Secret to the Perfect Shave – Stainless Steel Razors


Do you find yourself with itchy, damaged skin after your morning shave? Do you find your blade just don’t cut close enough, or become dull quickly? Here’s the solution – stainless steel razors with proven results.


A stainless steel razor is highly recommended by those in the industry as it will require less maintenance, and will hold the edge longer which will allow you to concentrate on what’s most important–the shave:

“Stainless steel razors scream ‘quality’ along every dimension. The brushed-satin stainless finish is very well done. It even holds up to close inspection under magnification. It is a great marriage of form and function.” Sharpologistrazorblade1

Stainless steel bladed razors “stain-less” as the name would imply, so the chance of your prized possession rusting away, showing water spots, oxidation, etc is greatly reduced. For instance, some carbon steel razors like Thiers Issards can show water spots no matter what you do with them, and no matter how careful you are. Stainless razors also tend to be a little stiffer and more robust when compared to a carbon steel razor of the same grind. Gentlemen with heavier beards tend to enjoy them – and while stainless steel razors take a little longer to hone, their edge typically lasts longer than carbon steel razors.


Shanghai Metal Corporation manufactures the Stainless Steel Strip used in the production of high quality razors, with a reputation for superior quality through the utilization of advanced machining technology.


They are also widely ordered for use in machinery blades, proving their remarkable quality.


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Siobhan R.// SMC Editor