Rock Climbing on The Containers of Bangalore

After reading the many articles of applications of shipping containers, even I still get amazed on how many there already are and how many there are still to come. It seems that whenever they discover a new way to modify containers’ structure the number of new applications starts to grow rapidly.

For instance, what if you flipped a 20 ft container on its head, what kind of structure would that be? Perhaps a clock tower like this?

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

Well, an Indian company Mars Adventures has used this simple approach to build a rock climbing facility in Bangalore.

50ft High Artificial Climbing Wall - Mars Climbing Gym at PLAY

At Mars Climbing Gym at Play park Bangalore there are three different climbing facilities including 50 ft high climbing zone, 60 ft wide bouldering arena and a 20 ft high roof climbing setup.

50ft High Artificial Climbing Wall - Mars Climbing Gym at PLAY

The 50 ft container climbing wall lets three people climb at the same time under professional surveillance. The roof climbing setup is a facility where people can climb inside a 20 ft tall shipping container. They open this facility only for professional climbers.

20ft Long Roof Climbing Setup - Mars Climbing Gym at PLAY

What ever is the application, shipping containers won’t change always stay within industry standards. Shanghai Metal Corporation will also keep on shipping these building blocks to our customers worldwide. Our wide selection is worth seeing and maybe you’ll discover new  applications for them. Check our containers here. See also our social media channels for future updates.


Tuomas P. // SMC Editor

Pictures and original article: Mars Climbing


The Cliff House Defines the New Extreme of Prefab Architecture

An Australian Company Modscape has come up with a design of a five story building clinging to the side of a cliff in southwest Victoria Australia. The Cliff House resembles the house of the Marvel comics character, the Ironman Tony Stark.

tony starkThe real life Ironman house is equipped with a carport, a living room, kitchen, an open-air spa, BBQ room, three bedrooms with one having an en suit bathroom and a larger bathroom. The only entrance of the cliff house is at the top floor from where an elevator or stairs take the residents to every prefabricated level.

 At the lowest floor, the home opens up to another outdoor space, which seems to float above the water. Patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen and a jacuzzi tub extend the luxurious feeling of being above the ocean. The minimized amount of furniture emphasizes the connection to the ocean and the horizon.


The Cliff House’s design is inspired by how barnacles cling to the hull of a ship. Like barnacles, the house is anchored to a cliff by steel pins. The house works as a natural extension to the cliff bringing an absolute connection with the beautiful ocean.


Perhaps some people would hesitate about coastal erosion and how it affects the house’s steel fasteners. Fortunately, the former president of the Royal Institute of British Architects Maxwell Hutchinson has said in BBC’s interview that there is no reason why the design should not be structurally sound. Cantilever beams drilled into the rock could support the building just as crampons support a climber. Hutchinson also mentions that the building costs might become high because the people in the industry tend to dislike everything unusual.(source)


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Pictures and original articles: Business InsiderBBC, Gizmag, Comicvine, Inhabitat