How Will Washing Machines Look Like in Future?

We can’t imagine our lives without smart phones, internet, TV, cars, but what about washing machines? Would you be able to carry the water outside the house, soak, beat, scrub, rinse the clothes few times a week? According to a 1886 calculation women had to fetch water at least 8 times every day from a pump, well or spring.

The history of washing clothes and washing machines
A washing machine – 1930

To reduce a manual labor spent on washing clothes, washing machine’s technology was invented and developed. The first washing machines were hand-operated and constructed from wood, but later generations of washing machines were made of metals that allowed to set a fire below the washtub and keep the water warm during the day. (source)

The first evidence of ancient washing soaps was found at Sapo Hill in Rome when the ashes containing the fat of sacrificial animals was used as a soap.

The future of washing clothes and washing machines

One thing is sure – we won’t wash our clothes manually!

Swirl Electricity-Free Washing Machine 

This concept of clothes washer was meant to be used in those areas where there is a bad access to the electricity and water. The washing tub has a handle that allows it to be wheeled to the source of the water. After that the “ball” becomes a thing for playing – the motion scrubs the clothes. It can be also used for transporting water for the whole family.


The Wall-Hanging Washer

The Shine concept from the Electrolux Design Team in Italy considers the fact that by year 2050 everybody will leave in urban environment and the living space will be limited. They created a tiny washing machine that can be hanging on the wall or integrated beneath a bathroom counter top. Lights are counting down the remaining time and giving an amazing lightning into a room.

The Re-cycle Laundry Center

Designers Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño got inspired in not only an appearance of the recycle symbol but also in words “reuse, reduce, recycle”.  The concept has three separated pods, the first one is a washing machine, a dryer and the third one is a water tank/filtration unit. (Find more designs of future washing machines here. )

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Humor Through The Ages And Why It Changes Over Time

Why does our sense of humor change over time? At one point in our lives, armpit farting noises were the pinnacle of hilarity. At age five, nothing else could possibly top it. For some of us, nothing ever will. But for most people, what strikes us as funny changes drastically over time. There are also great spatial variations. What’s funny in one country will silence a room in another. Let’s have a look at what our ancient ancestors found funny:



“How do you entertain a bored pharaoh?”

“You sail a boatload of young women dressed only in fishing nets down the Nile and urge the pharaoh to go catch a fish.”

Egyptians maintain their political satire to this day with the following quip:

“Nasser was killed by poison, Sadat by a bullet and Mubarak by Facebook,”



One ancient Greek idiot joke reads: “An idiot, wanting to go to sleep but not having a pillow, told his slave to set an earthen jar under his head. The slave said that the jug was hard. The idiot told him to fill it with feathers.”

There are also the comic insults, listed so as to be used in instant one-line put downs – “You don’t have a face, but a fireplace” reads one. But my particular favorites are the ‘doctor’ jokes: “A person went to a doctor and said “doctor, whenever I get up from sleeping, I’m groggy for a half an hour afterwards and only after that am I all right” To which the doctor replied: “Get up half an hour later.”



Another of the jokes – said to be dated to 248AD when Rome held what was billed as the ‘Millennium Games’ – tells the story of a distraught athlete.’

Never mind,’ says a spectator. ‘You can always try again at the next Millennium Games.’

There is also an ancient version of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch.

It reads: ‘A man buys a slave, who dies soon after. When he complains, the slave seller replies, “Well, he didn’t die when I owned him”.’

So humor is a static concept, changing due to circumstance and audience. Or maybe its due to a maturing appreciation for humor. Ultimately, humor is subjective, and is up to the individual to form.

This particular Roman joke was found in a 1,700 year old book during a metal detecting excavation in the UK, along with clay pots and old coins. Amateur metal detecting is said to make up 90% of all archeological finds, as our article about The Law of Finders Keepers described. Metal detectors are relatively easy and cheap to get your hands on, and are made of hardwearing stainless steel so you can continue your hobby for years.

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