How to Conquer the Challenges of Shipping Container Architecture?

In our previous articles about shipping containers and shipping container architecture, we have highlighted the benefits of container constructions and explained why they are a superior building material. Of course there are also disadvantages, but luckily, they can be conquered easily.


Shipping containers are a modular construction material that gives architects only  a limited number of restrictions. One of the questions many builders ask is “how to do proper roofing on shipping container houses?”. Shipping containers are designed to hold heavy loads on their four pillars so the roof itself cannot hold much weight. Fortunately, the modularity also implies that shipping containers can be combined other building materials such as roofing sheets and metal tubes. Roofing is an easy task as described in the article of container shelters.


Another thing people are worried is how shipping container houses can resist humidity. Again, there are examples of shipping containers with great ventilation and insulation systems. They even make saunas out of shipping containers! Shipping containers are made of steel that absorbs heat. Still, for instance the shipping container cruise terminal in Seville maintains cool temperatures even during extremely hot summers. The natural ventilation system can be easily done by welding which is a relatively cheap procedure.


Even insulation is not a problem. As mentioned in our article about container winter housing, shipping containers do fit in cold areas as well. The insulation can be done by glass wool or preferably by using insulating spray foam. Also the pillars in each corner allow builders to design a  platform that prevents the building from touching the ground.


Some people prefer using recycled shipping containers because they are lower priced and have a higher supply compared to new ones. However, shipping containers might take some damage and get some cargo spillages. Therefore each time the containers should be checked and perhaps painted with nontoxic paint. Also the their indoor hygiene should be assured before implementing interial design.

In some areas, getting building permits for shipping container houses might be troublesome. However, due to containers’ massive media exposure and their brand as an eco-friendly solution for affordable housing, the municipalities and decision makers will eventually be forced to accept the utilization of this superior construction material.

This super material can be easily purchased from Shanghai Metal Corporation. Just send us an inquiry and our English speaking experienced staff will guide you through the process. We ship containers and prefabricated container buildings worldwide. You may check our offering in our website. Check also our social media platforms for future updates.


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Fight against smog !

Problems with smog are now not only Chinese issue. The number of cities dealing with air pollution is increasing and you have probably heard about current heavy pollution in Paris, a city of love. But it isn’t very romantic to spend a day with a mask on your face, is it?

Students at the University of California

A team of ambitious students at the University of California came with an amazing idea and developed a great weapon against air pollution. They created roof tiles coated with titanium dioxide which can break down smog-forming particles in the atmosphere and eliminate a big percentage of nitrogen oxide gas emitted by cars and power plants. Titanium dioxide is inexpensive chemical found in a huge number of everyday products. The interesting fact is that it is so inexpensive that the whole average-sized residential roof can be covered with it for $5.0.  Smog is cause by nitrogen oxide gases that react to sunlight and students discovered that using these special roof tiles can remove 88 to 97 of this oxide pollution and break down into less harmful compounds.


1. vehicles release smog-producing toxins into the air

2. smog-eating tile covered with titanium oxide responding to UV light breaking down nitrogen oxides produced by vehicles

3.  the process forms reside on tile until rain washes it away


In Shanghai Metal Corporation we also care about the environment and offer you high-quality products as roof panel roll forming machines. If you want to learn more about our company, don’t hesitate and visit our website or send us inquiry. You could follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LindkedIn. Download our new application by scanning QR code below.

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Architectural Triumphs With Galvanized Steel

Corrugated and sheet metals such as galvanized steel have come a long way in the architectural and construction communities from when they were simply a strong and effective material used as roofing. It has come to the point now where they can be the feature of a home or building and used both inside and out.


This idea of galvanized steel as a universal building material is shown below where the house features has used it for both a roofing material and as exterior wall cladding. This industrial appearing material, when combined with the natural aesthetic of wood creates a juxtaposition between man and nature, especially given the lush backdrop of rural Australia.


From an interior perspective there is an increasing trend to use both corrugated, flat and shaped galvanized steel for both ceilings and walls. The remarkable example below featured in the master bedroom of  a modern home show how the metallic surface of galvanized steel can add a touch of modernity to a design, with the corrugated sheeting offering a texture rarely seen in the interior of a home.


The versatility of this material is undeniable, with designers stretching their imagination to previously-thought impossible lengths. As is witnessed in the examples below; the ability to bend, shape, curve and erect this material at extreme pitches can lead to some outstanding design possibilities. The home on the left features a nearly 100% external composition of pre-painted corrugated galvanized steel proving the residents with high bush-fire protection, energy efficiency as well as a remarkable aesthetic!


In contrast to these curves seen above the design featured below presents an opposing dynamic of this material. With its sheer pitched sides, long straight lengths and intense angles it is hard not to appreciate the capabilities this material offers to architects and the remarkable results that are left for the eye to enjoy.


Shanghai Metal Corporation is a world leader in innovative metal manufacture and will strive to meet all of your building and design specifications. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking personnel will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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The Test of Time

A true testament to the durability and thus desirability of a material is the legacy of the structures and constructions that are left standing as time goes by. We know that the process of galvanization increases the ability of steel to withstand the nature forces of rust and corrosion bought on by water and the elements; let us take a look at the most notable of these structures;


As with all structures maintenance is required to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure; however few materials, at this cost can boast up to and above thirty years of maintenance free use as is seen with galvanized steel. Pictured above is the Boca Channel Bridge, located in the Florida Keys. It is consistently exposed to the corrosive elements of the sea water, however over its life of 42years it has not required any maintenance due to the galvanization of the steel whereas other, non galvanized bridges in the same area have had to be completely replaced.


This durability, despite the increased initial capital investment has been shown to save money over time as this maintenance or continual painting is not required, as would be the case with a non-galvanized steel construction. A prime example of this cost is the Goldengate Bridge in San Francisco, California (picture above), where 28 full time painters are required to constantly paint the bridge as its non-galvanized steel bears the brunt of nature and its original rivets are constantly being replaced with new galvanized ones.

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers galvanized steel in a multitude of forms that can be used to satisfy the applications mentioned above. These include piping, galvanized steel coils, strips, sheets, plates, wire, pre-painted steel, roofing material (in a number of profiles) as well as steel grating.

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Coated and Colored: Your guide to Metal Roofing

Whilst many materials can be used to provide protection as a roof for homes and other buildings such as stainless steel and galvanized steel the preferred material due to cost and durability is Galvalume. Galvalume is a patented product which is essential regular steel that has been galvanized using a 55% zinc-aluminum coating.


This can be installed unpainted in its natural appearance either in standard round corrugations or nearly any profile to suit the design and/or functions of the roof in question. It doesn’t even have to be in sheet form as straight from the factory you can order metal roofing tiles to recreate the appearance of cement or terracotta tiles but with the durability and flexibility of Galvalume steel.

 But the beauty of this product is the array of prepainted colours that are available which can really enhance the aesthetics of your home; we have chosen some examples to illustrate the unique nature of this product.  The colored finish is actually powder coated and baked on to the steel coil, adding another layer of protection to the inner steel which is why this is one of the most durable products to use ; after being tested for effectiveness in both coastal locations and even the Australian desert this product has proven its effectiveness.


As a licensed supplier of Galvalume materials SMC is able to offer this product either in coils or sheets (in any profile) and either painted or with the natural metallic appearance. Should you have any queries, request or customizations please do not hesitate to visit our website Here. For more updates on this and other exciting developments follow us on FacebookTwitter & Linkedin. Or by using your smart device, scan the QR code below!


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The Endless Potentials of Galvanized Steel

Galvanization is a procedure that has been used for many years to protect the integrity of steel and increase the lifespan of the products that is is made from. This process consists of hot-dipping steel in a zinc coating which forms a protective barrier, a more recent innovation is the electro-galvanized technique. This barrier acts in such a way that the formation of rust is eliminated and a preventative layer is created to stop physical intrusion, such as in the case of a dent or scratch. Interestingly, the process of galvanization does not merely coat the steel but in fact presents a chemical reaction whereby the two metals fuse; with the outer layer being pure zinc, the core pure steel and metal in between being an alloy of the two. The uses of this steel are widespread given the array of advantages it offers to users.

roofing sheet12

Its uses in the building industry are widespread, for example as a roofing product, it can be rolled into a number of profiles to suit the nature of the building and can the presented in long lengths (removing the requirement to joint sheets, further minimizing water intrusion). Further more these sheets can be painted to present a more aesthetically pleasing image. Other applications in this industry include products like nails and screws, grating and support structures.


Galvanized steel is also frequently used in metal piping where it presents a non-toxic alternative to lead and other materials, so that water can be safely supplied to homes and be fit for drinking. Such pipes can also be used in applications such as air-conditioning, sewage, oil, gas and scaffolding.

Furthermore the application of galvanized steel is prevalent throughout the automotive and aeronautical industries where it provides a lightweight, strong, manageable and rust resistant material for structural uses. Examples of such include, the roofs, parking breaks, springs and hoods of cars, with similarly widespread use seen in the manufacture of aircraft.


Shanghai Metal Corporation offers galvanized steel in a multitude of forms that can be used to satisfy the applications mentioned above. These include galvanized steel coils, strips, sheets, plates, wire, pre-painted steel, roofing material (in a number of profiles) as well as steel grating.

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Iconic Aluminum Roofing Around the World

Venues around the world utilize aluminum roofing because it is not only attractive and modern but because there are many advantages due to its compound. Aluminum is corrosion and water resistant; thus,  protecting the structure from weathering and erosion making it useful for buildings that are near coastlines.

The service life of Aluminum is up to about 50 years. Unlike other traditional roofing materials, there is little upkeeping that will be required once it has been installed. The panels are put together in a sort of puzzle construction, creating a seal above the building. Energy bills are cut due to the fact that aluminum has the ability to insulate heat in the winter time and keep buildings cool in hot summer months.  The list of benefits seems almost endless. Take a look at some of the famous venues that utilize aluminum as a roofing material:

La Tete-au-Carre – Nice, France
La Tete-au-Carre – Nice, France (It is the first ever inhabited sculpture of the world, and it is made entirely of aluminum.)
Infosys Building – Hinjewadi, Pune, India
Infosys Building – Hinjewadi, Pune, India
The Clyde Auditorium “The Armadillo” Glasgow, Scotland
The Clyde Auditorium “The Armadillo” Glasgow, Scotland
Shanghai F1 Circuit – Shanghai, China
Shanghai F1 Circuit – Shanghai, China
National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies – Tokyo, Japan
National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies – Tokyo, Japan
Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers Aluminum Sheet Roofing in various types including slate, standing seam, shingle, tile, and shakes in various colors and sizes. SMC also produces aluminum magnesium manganese roofing for added protection. More information on aluminum roofing material can be found on our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our LinkedIn groupFacebook, and Twitter.

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Aluminum Roofing vs. Traditional Roofing: A Clear Winner

Aluminum is not only attractive and pliable but comes in a great variety of roofing types and designs creating a unique and modern look.

Aluminum roofs have become increasingly popular around the world due to its ease of installation, stability, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly qualities. Unlike traditional wood and oil-based roofs, aluminum roofs do not require nails to attach shingles in place. Instead, they are constructed by interlocking the panels to fit together. This attribute allows such roofs to be water tight and durable in multiple weather conditions such as heavy snow, ice, and wind.  Additionally, moss and mold are unable to grow making it a healthy and safe alternative to traditional roofs. Finally, if a building were ever to catch on fire, aluminum roofs would not burn or support combustion like other roofing material. Since metal roofs are safer than traditional roofs, some homeowner insurance policies offer reduced rates for those using metal roofs.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Solomons, Maryland, USA

Aluminum roofs have a lifetime of about 35 years and do not require much maintenance once installed. Aluminum roofs do not have to be restored or replaced. This results in cost benefits for the consumer that cannot be obtained by traditional roofs. Such roofs are not only permanent but also light weight leaving little stress placed on the top of the building.

The energy efficiency component of aluminum roofing is tough to beat by alternative materials. Typical roofing materials like asphalt, wood, and slate allow almost 90 percent of radiant heat to pass into the home. This causes the attic areas to become extremely hot, especially in the summer. Aluminum roofs are able to decrease attic temperatures by as much as 10 degrees because it is capable of reflecting most of the sun’s rays. In the winter, heat is reflected back into the building keeping it warm.

In conclusion, it is clear to see why builders are changing their roofing methods from traditional wood and oil-based roofs to modern aluminum.

Shanghai Metal Corporation provides a wide variety of aluminum panel options. Take time to review some of those options here

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