Stainless steel has been used since 1990s for numerous industries such as skyscrapers, memorial, kitchen utensils, and many more. You probably use many things that made by stainless steel every day, but have you ever stopped to think about what makes stainless steel so unique? Here are 10 little-known facts about stainless steel:

  1. Stainless steel is an iron alloy that have minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. It is known as inox steel or inox from French “inoxydable”.
  2. 1The first stainless steel was discovered by Harry Brearley, a Sheffield metallurgist when he was doing the experiment with different types of steel for weapons in 1913. He noticed that a 13% Chromium steel had not corroded after several months.
  3. 2Stainless steel can be milled into strip, tube, wire, sheet, or bar. It has been used for numerous industries, such as cookware and cutlery, household hardware, surgical instruments, industrial equipment, jewelry, and many more!
  4. 3The manufacturing of stainless steel divided into 6 processes: melting and casting, forming, heat treatment, de-scaling, cutting, and finishing. First, the steel which is the raw material of stainless steel is melted in an electric furnace. Second, it goes through forming operations with hot rolling machine. Third it goes to the heat treatment called annealing step. The purpose of this step is to relieve internal stresses and soften the metal. The annealing step caused a scale on the steel, it needs to be removed. This process called de-scaling process. And then the next step is cutting and finishing.
  5. Stainless steel can be divided into five groups based on the combination of metal alloys. Austenitic has a combination of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Martensitic contain 12-15% chromium, 0.2-1% molybdenum, and 0.1-1% carbon. Ferritic contains between 10.5% until 27% chromium. Another two groups are duplex and precipitation hardening.
  6. The durability of stainless steel is adorable! It resists corrosion and oxidation. It has the ability to resist rust because when stainless steel exposed to oxygen and moisture, stainless steel produces a thin oxide film and essentially it repairs by itself.
  7. paris_-1Stainless steel can be expands and contracts when the temperature varies. Construction industries have to account for thermal expansion when they use steel material including stainless steel for a building. For example, The Eiffel Tower is approximately 984 feet tall during summer but on cold days, the metal tower is approximately 6 inches shorter.
  8. Stainless-Steel-Soap01Stainless steel can be made into “soap” because it can neutralize strong odors on the hands, like garlic, onion, or fish odor. This unique property due to sulfur compounds in stainless steel that can reduce odors.
  9. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. 60% of stainless steel is made from recycled materials.
  10. Steel_production_by_country_mapIn 2013, total world crude steel production was 1,607.2 mmt. The biggest steel producer is currently China, which accounted for 48.5% of world’s steel production.

Stainless steel is unique. It also has multipurpose functions and can be use in numerous industries. China as the top of steel producer and Shanghai Metal Corporation which is based in China is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metalworking industry. We can produce and export the best quality of stainless steel and other metal products and service. We prioritize the efficient of manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

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Ardelia Sassie/SMC Editor



Art is a universal form of way to express your feelings and your thoughts. One of the million ways to manifest it is this:

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

Robin Wight made this masterpiece from STAINLESS STEEL. The thing is how could such delicate subjects like a young woman or a dandelion can be exposed by an element that usually represents the opposite of them.

Stainless Steel symbolize generally our industrial society with it’s labor class, alienation, coal, hardworking and sweaty men. You know…

BUT artist Robin Wight is one that surpasses this image. Stainless Steel doesn’t represent any of those symbols but these more feminine and natural forms. His technique and his imagination provides a sort of paradoxe that we live everyday and that’s why it is a masterpiece.

Check out his other works:


As representatives of the metal industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of stainless steel in the global field. As a major producer of stainless steel, copper, aluminium, steel and other metal products and service, we essentially are committed to the universal use that metal can offer by delivering overseas and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Maria // SMC Editor


Maria // SMC Editor

Milan’s “Made in Steel”

There is a very interesting event going on in Milan these days. In parallel to the 2015 International Exposition, Milan is hosting the Made in Steel exhibition. If you are involved in the steel business it is a great opportunity to promote your products and learn on the latest news about steel and its industry.

Untitled design (1)

According to the website of the fair, Made in Steel is both an industry and international event organized for the first time in 2005. It is a series of conferences and exhibitions all about steel. Here is how the official website of the event describes the fair’s aim and mise en scène.

A combination that expresses the two souls that co-exist within this event, which consists of a perfect balance between business and information, relationships and knowledge. (from madeinsteel.it)

From lamilanocheconviene.it

If you are in Milan or close by and you do not want to miss the chance to find out more about steel, its industry and market, you still have today and tomorrow  to attend Made in Steel. Don’t miss the opportunity!

From siderweb.com
This is the location of the fair.

Remember! Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection of steel products. For instance, we offer good quality Coils & Strips, Sheets & Plates, Pipes & Tubes, Bars, at a competitive price. Visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

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Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum

Today Shanghai Metal Corporation brings you to the Big Apple where Italian architect Renzo Piano has recently announced the completion of the project that will host the new Whitney Museum of American Art. The building is “an asymmetric steel and concrete assembly in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District” (dezeen.com). As reported by the Telegraph: in the latest years, the area has undergone considerable transformation: it “has been cleaned up, if not wholly sanitized.” (telegraph.co.uk). The new building designed by Piano ,in collaboration with New York practice Copper Robertson, fits perfectly this renewal plan. Indeed, the district, “formerly a deserted industrial area, is now the place of fashion and art, of technological start-ups and of the trendiest meeting places.” (living.corriere.it)

from living.corriere.it

Talking about the structure of the museum located along the Hudson River, the Whitney features indoor and outdoor galleries – 50,000+ square feet of indoor galleries + 13,000 square feet of outdoor exhibition space on a series of rooftops (from nycedc.com). Moreover, “most impressive is the fifth floor’s showstopping 18,000-square-foot space, the largest column-free museum gallery in New York City”(from architecturaldigest.com). Finally, from the glass-doors and the numerous terraces, visitors can enjoy an amazing view of New York and the river.

As Piano said “a successful building always tells a story. You have to be able to produce rich narrative. An architect needs a good story to start with…and a good pen to write it” (form living.corriere.it) And at Shanghai Metal Corporation we really like this story!

from dezeen.com
from dezeen.com
from dezeen.com
from dezeen.com
from dezeen.com

Do not  forget that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection metals such as steel which can be use for various applications. Check out our stainless steel products. We guarantee high quality and competitive prices.Feel free to contact us for further information. We have English-speaking staff who will be more than glad to help you.

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The Tree of Life – Milan 2015 Expo Steel Symbol

We have already discussed about the upcoming 2015 Expo taking place in Milan, Italy, in less than two months. As you know is a very important event, not just for the European peninsula, but also for all the participant countries willing to promote their products. This year’s theme is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”. It will be very difficult for Italy to beat the success of the Chinese 2010 Expo edition, although the theme seems very interesting. If you visited Shanghai during the Universal Exposition or after 2010, you have probably visited the Chinese pavilion. Indeed, this great piece of architectural art has been the main symbol of the Shanghainese exhibition and it has rapidly became one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

from http://www.panoramio.com

The Chinese pavillion is a 63 meters high structure inspired by the most important element of the building tradition of China: the dougong system dating back over 2000 years. It consists of wooden beams embedded in overlapping layers on a base of columns. (from IlGiornaledell’Architettura)

But what about Milan? What will be the symbol of the next Expo made in Italy? The Tree of Life. It came to light in early March, erected in the center of the Expo Lake Arena. According to L’Eco di Bergamo,  the project of  the tree was inspired both by the mosaic of the Otranto Cathedral and the floor of Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, of which is a 3D version. Its creator, Marco Balich, explained that the tree is a symbol common to “all cultures, from the Bible to Avatar”.

lake arena tree of life
from http://www.madeinuvet.com

The tree has a steel structure made of 150 tons of metal, around which a wooden part was built (90 tons of wood), which will then be adorned with several plants and lights. This 35 meters high installation of steel and wood (and 45 meters of diameter) will be the highest structure of the 2015 Expo. Moreover, the tree will host one show per hour admired by 3000 people each time sitting on the arena built around the Expo lake.

In sum, the symbol of the upcoming Milan Expo 2015 is made of steel. A futuristic steel tree!

from http://www.balichws.com

Do not  forget that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection of steel products such as high carbon steel strips, steel wires and steel ropes, copper clad steel strips. Visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

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Stainless Steel VS Carbon Steel Knives

Today, typical metals used to manufacturing knives come from the carbon steel or stainless steel families.

Each materials has its pros and cons. The battle between these two types of metal is equal to a fight between maintenance and performance. Stainless steel is a popular because it resists corrosion and is easy to maintain. Carbon steel is also a popular choice because it tends to be much tougher, durable and easier to sharpen than stainless steel, It is also well known to have a sharper edge than stainless.

The problem with non-stainless knives is that they rust very fast if you don’t take care of it. If you don’t have the habit to dry or wipe your knife often during the use, then you might choose the option stainless steel. The rust resistance property of stainless, though, comes at a price. Stainless tends to be a softer form of steel. Carbon steel stays sharper longer than stainless and is easier to sharpen. For some, this might be important, because knives don’t stay very sharp for long when frequently used. Of course they stay sharp enough to do their job reasonably well, but they won’t be highly precised sharp that can cut a super thin piece of onion.


If you’re willing to invest more time and care, than the carbon steel knife is for you. Additionally, carbon steel knives can be sharpen more easily and have a sharper edge than most of stainless steel knives.

The downside of carbon steel knives is that they are more fragile and also rusts and stains easily. For Daniel Gritzer (culinary director), this downside part of carbon steel can only be a good thing. As knife is one of cook’s most important item, it should be treated with great care. So carbon steel won’t let you get lazy because it demands to be treated well, and in return it gives you that wonderful sharp edges that you could ever hope for.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is the leading manufacturer of materials that you need to make the perfect knife, whether if it is the stainless steel or carbon steel one. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have English speaking staffs that will be very glad to help you. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to get the latest news of our products.

Sources : Wikipedia, zknives.comseriouseats.comseriouseats.com


Ayu P.//SMC Editor

Metal industry driving force behind fast growth in dry bulk shipping demand.

According to MarketReportsOnline.com the demand for steel in 2015 will grow at a tremendously fast pace. This fast paced growth will consequently send the dry bulk shipping sector a boost that will drive up the demand growth for that industry. In the research report of 56 pages published by MarketReportsOnline.com it states that Iron ore and coal will be the driving forces behind the anticipated growing demand for dry bulk shipping.

The dry bulk shipping industry is predicted to have a much better year in 2015. Growth rates for the first quarter of this year are expected to be higher than they were in 2014. The global dry bulk shipping industry holds an essential place in maritime transport, carrying large volumes of unpacked products. These products are carried in 20 feet bulk containers, that can carry up to 192 tons of bulk goods.

The latest innovation on these containers, like the one designed by Shanghai Metal Corporation, offer fast and efficient ways to load the bulk goods via the roof and unload through the latch on the bottom of the front door.

Contact us for an inquiry on our newest solutions for bulk shipping or for more info go to our website.

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The Stainless Steel Soap !

Our soaps are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats, mixed with alkaline solution. There exist another type of soap that has different characteristics from others : the stainless steel soap.

Photo from titchykitch

This soap is simply a piece of stainless steel and has the surprising ability to neutralize or reduce strong odors from hands, such as from handling garlic, onion, durian or fish. It’s really simple, you just need to rub your hands with it. But how can that be ?

Photo from curejoy

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of satisfying scientific data that explains the ability of stainless steel to reduce odor. Anne Marie Helmenstine, a chemistry expert tested it herself and wrote a possible explanation about it in this website. The stainless steel soap helps diminishing the scent but only if it’s from onions, garlic or fish. This can probably be explained by the ability of stainless steel to attract and bind the sulfur from onion, garlic or fish. These compounds are responsible for burning  your eyes while cutting onions and also for their characteristic scent. If the sulfur compounds bind to the steel, then the odor is removed from your finger.

Are you interested to try this soap ? For that we can supply you with the best material of stainless steel ! As an industry-recognized specialists, Shanghai Metal Corporation manufacture and supply various sizes of stainless steel, according to your requirement. Please contact us if you need further information, our English speaking staff will be more than glad to help you. Follow us on social media to discover more products.


Sources :chemistry.about.comwikipedia

Featured image : 21gents

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Christmas “Gifties”!

It’s Christmas time! If you are wondering what to buy your loved ones as gifts, here are a few ideas. We offer all types of metal which are used to make your lovely pots, cutlery, trays and other ornamentals used in fine dining. So why not look to us to see what types of metal was used to make you these products! We have a wide range of metal products including stainless steel cutlery  which is an essential part of your kitchen. 

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen to give it a new look for the new year, we have stainless steel strip for kitchen benches and sink , we also have other metal products for your taps and other fittings in the house. For a different look, you may also want to have a look at our copper and brass fittings options.

Our wide range of metal products can also give your bathrooms a unique look.. Spoil yourself! Get your copper input material from us and have your extraordinary look well in time for the new year!

For those on a smaller budget and not looking for major changes like a home make over, why not get our copper sheets to make bracelets with initials of your loved ones on it!

SMC wishes you all Happy Holidays, and successful gift buying!

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Credits: SMC website, Google images, Harts of Stur-Arthur Price Kings

Stainless Steel Fibers – Protecting Your Baby Every Day Against Radiation

In many cultures across the world, women wear anti-radiation maternity wear during pregnancy in order to keep the harmful radiation waves hindering the growth and development of the baby.

These anti radiation clothes have proven to be particularly helpful in blocking out the low levels of radiation we all face, sitting in front of our television, computers and using our cell phones.

So what are these magical clothes, that ensure the growth and development of a baby made of? What is that one thing that is key to the safety level these clothes achieve?

The answer is stainless steel fibers. These fibers are highly thermal resistant and can withstand temperatures upwards of 650C. These fibers also have high electrical conductivity, and ultra strong shielding capacity to make sure, none of the daily life radiations, including cell phones enter through in any way.

At the same time, the softness and durable nature of the fiber makes it perfect for comfortable maternity wear. The fibers are highly elastic as well, making it quite usual to be worn throughout all the three trimesters.

This just goes on to prove the versatility and the almost never ending utilities of the magnificent metal that is stainless steel. Regardless of any industry, there is bound to be usage of stainless steel always.

Shanghai Metal is a highly reputed manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel in China, and stainless steel fibers are available in all grades, customizable, depending upon commodity ordered. Please visit our website  and view our stainless steel portfolio in order to see which product of ours, fits your needs the best!

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