Riace Warriors: No EXPO!

Until few weeks ago it seemed that the 2015 Milan Expo would have hosted the two famous bronze sculptures known as Riace Warriors. Unfortunately, the tourists coming from all over the world to visit this year’s edition of the Universal Exposition will not have the chance to admire these incredible pieces of art dubbed Bronzi di Riace. Some maintained that the two metal statues would have represented an added value for the exhibition, perfectly fitting with the healthy nutrition theme inspiring the 2015 Expo. Indeed the bronzes are the symbol of bodily vigor and muscle elasticity.

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However, because of logistical issues the Riace Warriors will stay at the Magna Grecia National Museum of Reggio Calabria, in the southern of Italy. Indeed, after having gone through a delicate process of restoration between 2009 and 2011, the sculptures are today exhibited to the public inside a micro-climate room, and displayed on top of an anti-seismic  platform made of Carrara marbled.

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You may wonder why here at Shanghai Metal Corporation we care so much about the Bronzi di Riace. First, because of their incredible story. These two metal statues were found in the Ionian Sea in 1972, 300 meters away from the coast of Riace, a tiny village close to Reggio Calabria. According to the analysis, the statues were probability made in Athens around 450 BC and then shipped to Rome. But the boat that was carrying them sank. The sculptures were then found interred under 8 meters of sand. Second, the statues are made of bronze and today after restoration their greatest splendor is again available to visitors. So if you plan to go to Italy for the 2015 Expo do not forget to book a flight for Reggio Calabria to see these amazing pieces of metal art.

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Using Bronze Alloy to Lift Affliction

For thousands of years, copper and its alloy bronze were made at the service of war, construction, furniture and industrial components. However, bronze can also be use for the service of inner peace. An impressive example of this application is the great Buddha Statues of China. In 1993 was inaugurated one of the tallest Buddha statues in the world: the Tian Tan Buddha, in Hong Kong.  The statue, on top of a 268 steps stair, lifts its left hand in the sign of removing the affliction and keeps its right hand in a giving gesture of generosity.

The exterior of this more than imposing Buddha statue is composed almost exclusively of bronze plating. Indeed, this sitting Buddha was builds from about 202 bronze pieces and is support by an impressive steel frame. The total structure of the Tian Tan Buddha weight over 250 metric tons. The statue, tall of more than 110 feet, is renowned to be seen as far as Macau.

The bronze alloy plates of the statue give its impressive and memorable shininess.  A long lasting reminder of the great possibilities that occurs when faith, engineering and ambition work hand-in-hand.


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Miss Liberty Chopped Up and Found All Over NYC

It may sound absurd but it’s true. Pieces of the Miss Liberty’s body can be found scattered across two boroughs in NYC. But don’t worry! This is only a replica of the Statue of Liberty as the original one still stands untouched on its very Liberty Island since given as a gift by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1886.

danh vo situates full-scale statue of liberty segments around NYC

Creator of ‘We the people’ collection, Vietnamese artist Danh Vo spent the last four years recreating the statue in 250 full-scale individual pieces. “I wanted to do something that everyone had a relationship to, and make it a bit unfamiliar. It’s kind of like creating a Frankenstein that gets its own life”, says Vo.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

Using the same fabrication techniques and copper material as the original Lady Liberty, the artwork was “conceived in Germany, fabricated in Shanghai, supported by his French gallery, collections and art institutions worldwide, and dispersed to exhibition venues in more than 15 countries”, explains Vo.

danh vo places full-scale deconstructed statue of liberty around NYC

“When Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty…he created an image and a political agenda,” adds Vo. “What I’m doing with it is a shift of scale and shift of meaning.” He added that his work “is more a project that should evoke discussion in the place that it is exhibited. And we’ll have to wait to see what that will be”.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

In collaboration with Public Art Fund 53 colossal fragments of Liberty can be found at Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park until December 5th 2014. ‘We the people’ collection presents nearly a fifth of Vo’s project and comprises body parts of the Miss Liberty such as the statue’s right sleeve, the one that covers her right bearing arm, the ear of the statue placed beneath the cornerstone of the historic building, and links of the chain found at the feet.

danh vo places full-scale deconstructed statue of liberty around NYC

“When you’re looking at a massive piece of copper that you have a very intimate relationship [with] right in front of you,” says Andira Hickey, the Public Art Fund’s associate curator, “and see it completely transformed into a full figure that you can recognize in the distance, it’s such an evocative metaphor for the multitude of perspectives you can have of an icon like that.”

If you are not a private collector this is a great opportunity to come very close to Miss Liberty and experience the magnificence of the statue. And if you look carefully enough you might be able to recognize the dismantled pieces of the Statue of Liberty as you know.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

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Source and photo credit: brooklynbridgepark.org, online.wsj.com, nytimes.com, hqdesktop.net

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danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people