What you didn’t know about air-conditioning

I am not a big fan of air-conditioning but in some parts of the world you just can’t survive without it. There is no doubt that the invention of air-conditioning is considered to be one of the most important achievements in the twentieth century and has hugely impacted the world. Despite the fact, that the air-conditioning is just here, quietly humming, you probably don’t know much about it.

Basic facts about air-conditioning

Willis Carrier

The first modern air conditioner was Willis Carrier in 1902 for a publishing company in Brooklyn. Temperature and humidity were kept low so paper didn’t contract or expand. The air conditioner wasn’t intended to be used for comfort.

Each air conditioner has four basic components : pump, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve. Most of air conditioners start out as a raw material in the form of steel shapes and steel sheets. When the sheet metal is processed into fabrication, it is cut, punched, formed, drilled or bent into am useful shape or form. It is made of galvanized sheet metal that uses a zinc coating providing a protection against corrosion.

All air conditioners have four basic components: pump, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve. Hot refrigerant vapor is pumped at high pressure through the condenser, where it gives off heat to the atmosphere by condensing into a liquid. The cooled refrigerant then passes through the expansion valve, which lowers the pressure of the liquid. The liquid refrigerant now enters the evaporator, where it will take heat from the room and change into a gaseous state. This part of the cycle releases cool air into the air-conditioned building. The hot refrigerant vapor is then ready to repeat the cycle.
Air conditioner

Interesting facts about air-conditioning

  • the first public places having air conditioners were movie theaters. During hot summer days, these theaters were the coolest places in town so you can probably imagine those crowds. Studios started to release their best productions in the summer and that’s how modern summer blockbuster  was born.
  • each year United States uses the same amount energy for powering the air conditioners as Africa uses to power the entire continent.
  • the introduction of air-conditioning actually lowered the natural human tolerance for heat.
  • the first building using the air-conditioning was The New York Stock Exchange Building in NYC in 1903 designing and building houses was changed after air conditioner was introduced. Brick structures with high ceilings, porches, breezeways that provided shade for cooling occupants are gone.

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