Nowadays, pollution is getting worse and worse. It can be one of the biggest killers, affecting more than 100 million worldwide. You don’t want to die fast, right? Let’s save the world and be green with solar panel!


Pollution is one of the biggest issues that every nation faces right now. Every nation only competes to be the number one in economic development and sometimes ignore about environmental condition. The fact is every nation should attain sustainable development, which is balance between economy, environment, and social community.

Energy which is very important for economic development of nations is getting fewer. Every nation exploits energy in order to achieve rapid economic growth. Total energy needs in the world currently reach 10 Terra Watt and this number will increase until 30 Terra Watt in 2030. The increasing number of total energy needs collide with the sustainable concept that human needs to pay attention to. Solar panel as alternative energy source can solve this problem.


Solar panel is a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Solar energy is actually the most promising energy sources because it is unlimited and sustainable. The sun is expected to address future energy needs problem because most of energy sources are limited and not environmental friendly.


Solar panel work using p-n junction principle, which is the junction between p-type and n-type semiconductor. This semiconductor consists of bonds in which atoms are electrons as the basic constituent. N-type semiconductors have an excess of electrons (negative charge) while the p-type semiconductor has excess holes (positive charge) in the structure of the atom. The role of p-n junction is to form an electric field so that electrons (and holes) can be extracted by contact material to produce electricity. When the p-type semiconductor and n-type contacted, then the excess electrons will move from the n-type semiconductor to the p-type to form a positive pole on the n-type semiconductor, and conversely the negative pole to the p-type semiconductor. As a result of the flow of electrons and holes is to formed electric field which when the sun light on the composition of the p-n junction will push electrons move from the semiconductor toward the contact negative, which in turn is used as electricity, and vice versa hole moves toward the positive contact waited electrons come.


Solar panel consist of substrate/metal backing, semiconductor materiel, contacts metal/contact grid, antireflective coating, and encapsulation/cover glass. Substrate/metal backing is material that sustains all components of solar cells and it must have a good electrical conductivity. It can be made by metal material such as aluminum.


There’s a lots of advantage using solar panel, especially solar panel doesn’t cause any pollution and it’s free energy! You can be go green, save the world, and less money! So, you still doubt to save the world with solar panel? We, Shanghai Metal Corporation can provide you good quality of aluminum that can support your solar panel! 

As a representative of the metal industry, Shanghai Metal is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metalworking industry. We can produce and export the best quality of aluminum, other metal products, shipping containers, and service. We prioritize the efficient of manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

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Can a reflection from glass-steel skyscraper melt things?

The owner of a luxury car Jaguar XJ parked his sweetheart across the street from the curvy 37 story glass-and-steel skyscraper designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly in London  before an afternoon business meeting. Only two hours later, this car was giving off smells of melting and displaying clear signs of damage. The developers of the building who nicknamed it as “Walkie Talkie” for its distinctive shape, agreed to pay for the damages.

So how could skyscraper melt the car? 

“Fundamentally it’s reflection,” Chris Shepherd of the Institute of Physics told the BBC “If a building creates enough of a curve with a series of flat windows, which act like mirrors, the reflections all converge at one point, focusing and concentrating the light.” The curves of “Walkie Talkie” skyscraper acted like a magnifying glass to concentrate the light on only one spot, the exact spot where Jaguar XJ was parked.

Parking has been suspended in the areas affected by the reflect sunlight.
“That spot”
The carpet in a nearby barber shop has a burn mark on the carpet from sunlight reflected off the 'Walkie Talkie' tower.
A burn mark on the carpet from sunlight reflected off the “Walkie Talkie” Tower

According to Kheir Al-Kodmany, an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Walkie Talkie’s designers forgot about the fact that southern-facing building would generate a lot of heat. If it had been a northern-facing building, it would have been an issues. Luckily London isn’t a very sunny city.

“As we get more shiny, glassy metal buildings, reflected light will become a bigger deal,” John Frederick, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Chicago says. “The high reflection is good if you’re inside trying to keep intense sunlight out, but if you’re outside, you’ll be the recipient of that reflected light.” Well, sometimes it is just better to walk, leave your car safely parked at home and protect the environment.

The business man's Jaguar apparently buckled in the heat from the 'Walkie Scorchie.'

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers high-quality steel products, stainless steel, galvanized steel, steel and other metal products widely used in architecture, automotive industry etc. For more information don’t hesitate to visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will guide you further. Download a new application by scanning QR code below or follow us on Social Media.



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Meet Solar Farm: The Future in City Light & Power

Resembling something out of a movie, the Ivanpah Solar Thermal is the world’s largest solar power plant located in Ivanpah Dry Lake,
California’s Mojave Desert. Occupying approximately 3,500 acres (14.2km2) and grounded on BrightSource’s solar tower technology, the thermal complex produces gross total of 392 MW of solar power.

Over 300,000 garage-door-size mirrors are used to attract the power of the sun in two dimensions and reflect the sunlight to boilers that sit atop three 459 foot tall power towers. A center of earth location in relation to the sun is used so that each mirror in its solar generating system is precisely aligned.

Atop one of the three 459 foot tall power towers

What is so special about Ivanpah Solar Thermal? Economic, social and environmental benefits are many. With the thermal’s construction 2,636 new local jobs were created, generating about $350 mi in local and state taxes. Clean, sustainable and reliable solar electricity serves 140,000 homes on average in California, while 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission per year is reduced, which equals to removing 72,000 vehicles off the road.

Not only that, the construction of this iconic project was a breakthrough as it kept the majority of the natural landscape untouched unlike other mega constructions. When BrightSource’s 173,000 heliostat pylons were installed, grading and concrete foundations were limited to the maximum, allowing the vegetation to co-exist within the solar field below the mirrors. The project also accounted with an innovative and customized design; excavators operated in the 130-foot wide no-drive zones, traveling in the same tracks through the solar field and installing between 75 and 125 pylons per day, per machine.

Low environment impact heliostat pylon design

The innovative technology uses the same principal of electricity production i.e. high-temperature steam which turns a solar7conventional turbine, where electricity is produced and transmitted to homes and businesses. The big difference is that at Ivanpah, the concentrated sunlight (and not fossil fuel) strikes the boiler’s pipes and heats the water to create superheated steam. Besides, the technology uses 95 percent less water than competing wet cooled solar thermal plants by employing a dry-cooling process, which uses air instead of water to condense steam. All water used by the steam production cycle is recycled back into the system, or consumed to clean the mirrors, highlights BrightSource.solar8

The Ivanpah Solar Thermal System is “critical to establishing America’s leadership in large-scale, clean-energy technology that will keep our economy globally competitive over the next several decades,” says Tom Doyle, president at NRG Solar. This is the future and the Ivanpah has, for sure, started changing the way we produce and consume energy.


Shanghai Metal Corporation is proud to follow on news that represent massive step forward for renewable energy as previously reported here. SMC manufactures a wide range of Solar panel aluminum extrusion widely used in solar panels and tin coated/plated copper strip used in solar panel batteries. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking personnel will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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For Our French Readers: Le réseau routier des états unis est plus long que… la circonférence du soleil!


C’est déjà difficile pour l’esprit humain d imaginer de concevoir la taille de notre planète. Et celle du soleil alors ? Imaginons que la terre a la taille d un œil humain, celle du soleil a alors la taille d une balle aussi grande qu’ un humain. Maintenant, imagine l œil a cote de cette balle. Oui, le soleil est grand.


Maintenant, imagine la taille des états unis. C’est assez grand sur terre mais en rien comparable a la taille du soleil n est ce pas ? Et bien, au fond, si! Le réseau routier des états unis est aussi long que… une fois et demie la circumference du soleil! Appliqué a la densité de certain réseau routier comme le belge, cela ferait jusqu’ a… 10 fois la circonférence du soleil.

Mais revenons au réseau routier américain. Disons que nous voulons éviter que les automobilistes de tout les US ne sorte de la route. Nous devrions mettre, des deux cote de toutes les routes, des barrières de sécurité comme celle la


Ca nous ferait plus au moins 12 000 000 de kilomètre de ces barrières sur les routes américaines. Sachant que un km de ces barrières représente 26,35 mètre cube d acier, ou 204,2 tonnes, le Project entier représenterait la petite somme de 2 450 400 000 de tonnes d acier. Oui plus au moins deux milliard et demis de tonnes. Ca qui équivaut à un an et demi de la production mondiale. Il y a un siècle, à l’aube de la première guerre mondiale, cela aurait pris 34 ans eux industrie de produire une telle quantité. Cela vous donne une idée du progrès fait depuis. Et cela aurait été un sacre meilleur investissement que des armes et des canons qu’en pensez-vous ?


Nous, à Shanghai Metal Corporation, un des leader chinois du marche, notre capacité de production par an est 60 000 tonnes. Si il y a qui que ce soit dans l administration américaine intéressée à mettre des barrières de sécurité sur l ensemble des routes du territoire américain, nous serions très intéressé de faire un contrat pareil. 2,5 milliard de tonne vendue a 800$ par tonnes, cela ferait un modique contrat de 1600 milliard de $ s étalant, vu notre capacité de production actuelle, sur 40840 ans. Woaw cela nous plait, vous? A SMC, on aime voir les choses en grand, on aime voir les choses dans le long terme.

Si vous partagez notre attention à propos des conducteurs automobiles, vous n n’avez pas besoin d une telle commande pour nous contacter. Trouver d autres information sur notre website. Soyez certain de nous joindre sur Linkedin groupFacebookTwitter, et Instagram. Vous pouvez aussi essayer notre nouvelle application mobile en scannant le code QR juste en dessus avec votre smartphone.



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