Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is an adventurous instrument, famous for its design and versatility. It has different tool combinations, the most common ones are a blade, can/bottle opener, scissors, screwdrivers, reamer, corkscrew and many more ! For those who are burdened to bring dozens of tools in their bag for their activity, the Swiss Army Knife is the perfect solution to lightened and give more space to the luggage. It is most effective when you have outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, etc.


The Swiss Army Knife was invented by Karl Elsener in Switzerland. He opened a factory in Ibach, Switzerland in 1884 for the manufacture of knives and surgical instruments. The name of his company, “Victorinox” is a combination from his mother’s name, Victoria and inox, the french term of stainless steel.

The first model of the Swiss Army Knife was produced from the demand of the Swiss Army to open canned food and as a rifle maintenance tool. This first model was called Modell 1890.

After 1893, a second industrial cutler, the Wenger Company started selling similar product.  In 1908, the Swiss government splitted the contract with the two companies, each getting half of the orders placed, perhaps to encourage competition nad lowering prices. On 2005, Victorinox acquired Wenger, becoming once again the sole supplier of knives to the Swiss Armed Forces.


There are several different main models. Their model numbers refer to the year of introduction in the military supply chain. Several main models have been revised over time and therefore exist in different executions.

Modell 1890

Modell 1908

Modell 1961

Soldatenmesser 08 (Soldier Knife 08)

Today we can discover plenty other models for a wider clients and not exclusively for the army. The website offers plenty of designs, aimed for different type of activities (sport, hunting, gardening, etc.) and personal tastes (different type of colors, drawings and size). Check them out.

EvaWood 81

My First Victorinox

Bike Tool

Hunter Pro


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Credits to : Victorinox, Wikipedia
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Save A Life…With Your Watch

A new clockwork heart pacemaker does away with batteries according to Yahoo News.  Swiss engineers, famous for making the world’s finest watches, are turning their hands to cardiology with a prototype battery-less pacemaker based on a self-winding wristwatch. Current pacemakers need for battery power is a limiting factor, since replacing them requires a surgical intervention.


“This is a feasibility study. We have shown that it is possible to pace the heart using the power of its own motion,” Zurbuchen, the head engineer said.

Automatic watches work because they have an eccentric weight that pivots when the wearer’s arm moves. This rotation progressively winds a spring that then turns the watch mechanism. In the new Swiss pacemaker, the mechanical spring unwinds to spin an electrical micro-generator.

The research is still at an early stage and there is, as yet, no schedule for human testing. However, this could prove a major innovation in both healthcare and the watch-making industries.

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Sources: Yahoo News

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