Movie myths about swords

I have always wanted to hold a real sword, fight against all enemies and become a beautiful respected heroine. When I watch movies where good fights against bad and good almost every time wins I am wondering… How are real swords made?

Swords Katanas

Quentin Tarantino or Japanese comic books show Katana as a magic weapon. It is sharp and strong enough to cut through metal, bone or any object you need to cut. Is this sword so amazing because it is folded thousand times and beats non-folded metal?

Reality : Japanese sword-smiths used a metal know as tamahagane. West refused to use this metal for making weapons because it contained a lot of carbon. So process of folding of metal started as a way to get rid off carbon. Real Japanese sword-smiths folded metal about eight times as they knew that folding metal hundreds times would make your Katana soft and ready to become a toy for kids. Last thing to mention is that even if you have a good Katana sword you need a special training how to use it.

“Only a Japanese blade can end something this perverted.” Pulp Fiction

Swords always start as a molten material

Many people believe that every powerful sword came to the world as a molten hot steel. It is very magic to imagine that all of those swords which kill so many bad guys were liquid at the beginning.

Reality : It is very useless and pointless to make a sword like this. Steel blades that start as liquid material could be good just for your home’s collection of swords. Sword has to start as a huge metal piece to become strong.

The Sword of The Witch King – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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How You Can Get Your Own Game of Thrones Valyrian Style Blade


“Careful, Your Grace, nothing cuts like Valyrian steel.”―Grand Maester Pycelle to King Joffrey 

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Praise for Game of Thrones “…Falling into a gorgeous, stained tapestry. This epic, unflinching fantasy-noir takes our preconceptions of chivalry, nobility and magic and gets medieval on them.” Time Magazine  


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