A vertical bathroom !

In some countries a people’s living space  has been becoming smaller and smaller. There might be few reasons : overpopulated city, too expensive rents, enjoying tiny minimalist architecture and design and many others. Probably the smallest parts of our homes are bathrooms and we want to save space as much as we can.

spiral unfolding bathroom design
Saving space design

This vertical stainless steel bathroom full of secret shelves, toilet and even shower looks a bit like a space ship bathroom, right from the future!

“The Vertebrae” was designed by Paul Hernon and he got inspired mostly from functional modern architecture and from our own natural spinal system.

space bathroom design specs

Each level of series independently rotating vertebrae serves for different needs. Toilet with side compartments, sink and basin, storage spaces and a shower with pull-out shower heads. All of these components can be folded up when not in use.

A toilet

This design idea is not just for luxury hotels or offices to impress their customers but it is mostly a space-saving tactic for tiny personal apartments or condo bathrooms with no room for all of these amenities. Stainless steel gives it a futuristic look with a clean and modern feeling.

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