Distribution Poles: From Wood to Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

With the increasing demand of eco-friendly ans sustainable products from both the public and private sector, the main sector to improve is the energy sector itself.
Distribution pole are the main vectors of electricity and have become over the century a common view of our roads and fields. 

wood distribution pole

Steel poles are becoming increasingly popular among utility companies for building  distribution lines or for replacing the traditional wood poles. Many reasons push these companies to use steel ans invest in the new distribution poles. In this article we will try to summarize the benefit of hot dip galvanized steel mainly reported from linemen who have worked with both wood and steel

distribution pole – source: wikipedia.org

Wood pole VS Steel pole


For similar strengh, a steel pole is 30 to 60% lighter than a wood pole. This makes them easier to lift, load, install and  handle in general.

Cheaper: Thanks to continuous improvement of quality and manufacturing process of steel poles the cost of steel poles come down to a point where they became competitive with wood. 


Unlike wood poles which can only have a certain maximum size determined by the size of the tree taken from,  the size of wood poles can be determined freely according to the need. Steel poles can be made to handle virtually any load and in any length and can also be made as single piece poles or in sections if that would help handling them in the field.

More Sustainable

Galvanized steel poles were a response deforestation issues steel is one of the most recyclable materials around so there is never any environmental concern over disposing steel. an old pole will be recycled to make a multitude of other products. Also , the protective system that is required to cover steel poles is made of zinc which is also an environmentally friendly material and virtually 100 percent recyclable. In addition. The coating systems have been improved so much over the years that it has reduced  the maintenance needed and improved their life expectancy of the poles.


The steel structures do not require a full-length copper grounding wire. They are already self conducting for grounding purposes. As a result, no installation of a ground wire is required.

pole 4
lineman on distribution pole source: wikipedia.org

source: steel.org,  smdisteel.org

Shanghai Metal Corporation manufactures hot dip galvanized steel products because it believes in its potential and encourages its use for a more sustainable industry and a clean environment.
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The newest fitness craze – “Bridge yoga” and “Subway yoga”

Yoga is a set of psychical, mental and spiritual exercises and practices that transform your body and mind.  So when people say “yoga” I think of a calm, peaceful place where we meditate and relax. However, the hottest trend is completely different from the way I think.

Yoga on subway 

instragram-yoga-4 (1)The “Big Apple” yoga enthusiasts started to practice yoga all over New York, surprisingly not in gyms or parks but on subway!  You have probably experienced rush mornings, chaos and masses moving to work or school. They don’t care about dirty floor, people staring at them, they just twist, bend, stretch. Some of them with yoga mats lay down to do sun salutation. some just simply practice on seats or around poles.


Although doing yoga on subway might seem very interesting, not everybody is happy about that. As the result of complaints there have been 240 subway acrobats and yoga enthusiasts arrested in 2014 so far. (source)

Yoga on bridge

Natasha-Maui-yoga-retreats-down-dogWhat is the right place for practicing yoga? A bridge!In Dallas, Texas, they started to make yoga classes on the steel bridge with view over the city. You can benefit your spiritual and physical wellness and yet be at the spectacular place. So steel bridges can also serve us as a place for doing sports and having fun.


Let’s also have a look on Shanghai Metal Corporation’s website with its new projects, steel bridges and metro pedestrian bridges. You can send us inquiry or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LindkedIn or Twitter. You could also download our new app by scanning QR code. Our English speaking staff will be more than glad to help you and answer your questions

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Credit and pictures : spryliving.com, sheknows.com, gothamist.com, theyogablog.com, wikipedia.com

Convenience is King: Value-added Packaging is a Must for Targeting Millennials

Millennials-Infographic-Final1-275x10244 In just a matter of years, a new generation will be leading the global economy in a different direction. Call them what you may – “Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “Generation WE,” “The Boomerang Generation,” “The Peter Pan Generation” – this generation were born between 1980 and 2000 and is bigger than previous generations. They have grown up in the digital age are characterized by their ability to multi-task, need to feel connected with their peers, and tech-savvy abilities. In order to target this generation, consumer products offer instant gratification or else they will not stand a chance.

The Boston Consulting Group identified of the most familiar attributes of U.S. Millennials is, “I want it fast, and I want it now.” This group puts emphasis on speed, ease, efficiency, and convenience in all their transactions. For example, Millennials shop for groceries at convenience stores twice as much as non-Milliennials. Marketers can take advantage of this by offering products in smaller quantities with on-the-go capabilities such as resealable options. Robert Hogan, director of global business development for ITW Zip-Pak, explains that retailers can implement zippers in flexible packaging in as little as six weeks, with little destruction to the manufacturing process and little-to-no capital investment.

The Boston Consulting Group discovered Millennials to outnumber Baby Boomers and to have greater influence on the market.
The Boston Consulting Group discovered Millennials to outnumber Baby Boomers and to have greater influence on the market.

Millennials have been taught at a young age that collective action can make a difference and preserving our planet is a necessity. Millennials expect companies to show compassion toward social issues and are more likely to engage in brands that partner with the right causes. DDB Worldwide, a globally-renowned marketing connections network, discovered that Millennials are more willing to “pay more for an environmentally-safe version of a product” (46 percent) that Baby Boomers (41 percent).

Using more aluminum based packaging for consumer products provide an eco-friendly, sustainable, and convenient option to consumers. For manufacturers, aluminums light weight, durable, and oxygen-tight characteristics are a way to cut transportation costs and improve shelf life of products. Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide variety of aluminum options for flexible packaging and sustainable manufacturing. Visit our website here for more details.

Sources: FoodProductionDaily,com, The Boston Consulting Group, DDB Worldwide

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