Bike That Can Be Folded to the Size of an Umbrella

Nowadays, there are a lot of cars on the roads. Many people prefer bikes to cars as a way of transportation. It is good for your health, saves energy and protect environment. There are several types of bikes, hundreds brands and designs, but we are still missing something. The more bikes the less space for parking them. What to do?

Sada Bicycle is the answer!

This Hubless Bicycle Folds to the Size of an Umbrella

The inventor Gianluca Sada came up with this idea after being disappointed by current folding bicycle designs. His bicycle still has standard bicycle dimensions – 26 inches wheels, but the hub-less design means, that as the frame folds away, it comes apart from the wheels and that maximizes portability.

The packaging container can be used as a backpack and the whole bicycle can be folded with a single movement to the size of an umbrella. This design mostly focuses on saving space.

This Hubless Bicycle Folds to the Size of an Umbrella

Bicycle wheels typically get strength from the tension in the spokes, but this bike put strength into rim instead. This adds weight to the outside of the wheel and then you have to get this mass spinning. As this design is considered to be a city bike design, it wouldn’t be such a problem. The bikes have been currently tested in the cities all over the world. The inventor is hoping that he will develop this idea to the bike that combines light-weight and high performance.

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Stand under my Air-brella

Umbrellas in history

Umbrellas, probably a converted branch of tree,  first appeared in ancient Egypt more than 3 000 years ago and were used mostly for protecting royalty from sunlight. The first waterproof umbrellas were discovered in 11th century BC in China and they were made of leather. Nowadays majority of modern umbrellas are made in China. One Chinese city, Shangyu, has more than 1 000 factories for producing umbrellas! People at that time would be very surprised to see that the invisible air umbrella concept was created. Will it be more useful than the “normal” umbrellas?

This concept uses forced air to repel falling water. It was created by UK industrial design student Quentin DeBaene and a research team in China claims it could create this umbrella by 2015.

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How does it work?

The air umbrella uses high-powered jets to emit forced air to repel falling raindrops away from your body, before they can even hit your body. As this umbrella uses ultra high speed fan, the research team has found the way how to charge the batter only for 30 minutes, so this umbrella won’t be useful for a long walk. The retail price is expected to be around $200. I would maybe buy 20 umbrellas instead of this one, half an hour working umbrella. But who knows, it can be changed in the future. See the video here and judge the creation. (via inhabitat, core77)


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Umbrellas – Can You Guess Where They Are From?


China is believed to be the home to umbrellas, which are still widely used in the country. The earliest umbrellas are known to have existed at least two thousand years ago, first made of silk and later paper. The Chinese waxed and lacquered their paper parasols because oil repels water. In ancient times, the frames of the umbrellas were made of mulberry bark or bamboo.


Then umbrellas spread west. The early European umbrellas were made of wood or whalebone and covered with alpaca or oiled canvas. The artisans made the curved handles for the umbrellas out of hard woods like ebony, and were well paid for their efforts. The first all umbrella shop was called “James Smith and Sons”. The shop opened in 1830, and is still located at 53 New Oxford St., in London, England.


In 1852, Samuel Fox invented the steel ribbed umbrella design. Fox also founded the “English Steels Company”, and claimed to have invented the steel ribbed umbrella as a way of using up stocks of farthingale stays- steel stays used in women’s corsets.


After that, compact collapsible umbrellas were the next major technical innovation in umbrella manufacture, over a century later.


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