A New Shine to Luxury


In this day and age, we are surrounded with luxury goods at every corner- from designer clothes, to exotic cars. The problem for some is not the ability to buy something of luxury, but to truly have something unique, something that can’t be seen parked on every street in Beverly Hills-enter stainless steel; a new way to turn heads.

Ok, the fact of the matter is that you will indeed turn heads if you buy a normal Lamborghini Murcielago almost everywhere in the world. But a stainless steel Lamborghini Murcielago is what separates you and positions yourself in a separate status quo completely. Perhaps this is not something that everyone dreams off, but to have a beautiful car be transformed into an impermeable work of art due to stainless steels characteristics is something out of a science fiction novel.


You might ask yourself why? The answer is quite simple, why not. Yes, it may be a bit ostentatious and you will definitely turn heads, but in reality you were going to do that anyway, so why not do it with a bit more shine to it. As a matter-of-fact, these individuals are not just putting a new shine to a luxury item, but reaching for its full potential in automotive performance. With stainless steel having characteristics of temperature resistance, rust, and stain resistance who is to say that this car is probably the only to reach its full top speed due to its temperature resistance and as well perhaps the only car that does not need a car-wash.


Luxury is and will always be something that is pushed to the edge; however this edge might not just be flamboyant but in fact beneficial. As Stainless Steel Industry Professional, Shanghai Metal Corporation takes pride in the manufacturing of those products which are used in our customer’s daily life such as stainless steel which our company manufactures and supplies at the highest quality and most affordable price. Perhaps this will be the new approach to luxury, which can only mean one thing-more stainless steel please.

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Source: Speed Hunters, Flint Expats

Mario B.//SMC Editor

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Mario B.//SMC Editor


Create a Lasting Impression for your Business

A business card provides essential information about an individual or company. A business card not only provides details but acts as a lasting impression of the individual or company because the card is the only thing that the client/customer has to remember the meeting by. This means having a well designed and professional business card is vitally important.

The most widely used type of business card is a paper card, these cards however present problems. The paper card is likely to be torn or ripped and can even smudge when they get wet. If these problems occur and the recipient can’t make out the contact information written on the card, then the card automatically loses its value and becomes worthless. Networking and growing business contacts is very important, so why risk it all in a flimsy card that is likely to be broken or even thrown away.

Why not invest in something meaningful and reliable to represent your business?

2 boysShanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) offers a range of stainless steel business cards, which enables those problems to be completely avoided. The stainless steel card allows you and your business to stand out from the rest and impress every person you hand it to, creating a lasting impression. Choose from a variety of different sleek designs and colours, which include unique shapes and professional finishes. Or create your own personal design.

Stainless steel business cards are the most professional business cards. They provide you and your business with a unique and powerful brand identity. In a world where impressions mean everything, these stainless steel business cards are the best choice.

bottle openerAs well as providing practicality and a lasting impression, the applications of the cost effective cards are limitless: Bottle Openers for club and bar owners, VIP Cards and Club Cards, Transportation, Entertainment, Parking, Schools, as well as Garment and Electronic Accessories. You could even add features relevant to your industry for example, a ruler to the side of the card for those in construction or architecture.

Our Metal Business Cards can be tailored and machined for your existing or new designs or logos. Additionally, SMC provides Design Consultation to help you do define a style that matches your business and your brand.

Still not convinced? SMC will happily send you out samples of the design so you can feel at ease with the purchase.

Once you notify us of your desired design choice, our machining process will be completed within a week. Then, we will package and ship your business cards and provide all relevant information for order and delivery tracking. It’s that simple!

Send us an inquiry, so we can answer any further questions you may have. Please remember to send your Business Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail Address, to make the inquiry process and quote as accurate as possible.

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