Motorbike Performance Copper Exhaust Gaskets


Copper is a ductile metal with very high thermal conductivity. Therefore, copper exhaust gaskets increase flow between 7 to CFM (Cubic feet per minute) depending on the motorcycle model and head work. Unlike gash gaskets which can restrict exhaust gas flow, these copper gaskets permits unrestricted flow, leading to a better and a leaner performance of your engine.


Moreover, gaskets that are made of mesh don’t guarantee a perfect sealing. On the other hand copper is a solid material which proportionate a perfect fit into the cylinder port, meaning no more air leaks and subsequently a loss of power; preventing an excessive wear and tear of your engine.


Therefore, when your next service is due, think wisely and upgrade and a pair of copper gaskets. It will not only last a lot longer but it will also save you some cash every service.


As an international manufacturer and supplier for copper sheet and bronze sheet, Shanghai Metal Corporation produces slitting, edging, and oscillates winding to fit your specific copper requirements. For more information on our copper products please visit our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our Linkedln group, Facebook and Instagram.

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