Shipping Containers – The World’s Most Sustainable Restaurants

Shipping containers are a perfect solution for setting up a pop-up restaurant. As we already covered in our blog about container stores, container restaurants can be installed almost everywhere and they are very likely to gather a lot of crowd. Some very well know companies have already set up a mobile restaurant.

Subway Skyscraper Containershipping container, shipping container architecture, shipping container restaurant, subway, freedom tower, new york city, world trade center

In 2010, the sandwich company Subway had a shipping container restaurant on top of the five story Freedom Tower in New York. Subway established the restaurant for the construction workers who would otherwise have needed 45 minutes to get down from the construction. The containers had the Subway logo on a yellow background and the flag of the USA that represented the recovering from 9/11 and the resurrection of the American Dream. (source)

Shipping containers are also a form of sustainable building and offer an eco-friendly and a low-cost solution for starting restaurants.  One of the world’s best coffee shops, Starbucks, has also used shipping containers and build such an eco-friendly drive-thru cafe in Seattle. Alongside with shipping containers, the architecture also enables the collecting of rainwater and thereby lowering water consumption. (source)

In 2011, the people of London, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Dubai and Sydney had a chance to enjoy traditional Singaporean food that was offered form a shipping container restaurant. Thanks for shipping container’s mobility the Singapore Takeout was able to serve people in these cities within 12 months. (source)

shipping container, shipping container architecture, shipping container restaurant, subway, freedom tower, new york city, world trade center

As a new business idea, shipping container restaurants are an ideal low-cost choice. During these hard times in the economy, people who have always wanted start an own restaurant, but feel the lack of enough capital seem to have found a solution.

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Taking Action to Lower Water Consumption

Do you have genuine lawn in your yard? If so, have you ever estimated how much water you need to consume in order to keep it fresh and how much does it cost you? Well, according to an article in, an average American lawn gulps down 21,600 gallons of water per year. That adds about $42 to your water bill. The United States Environmental Protection Agency also states that the Americans consume approximately $474 every year on water and sewage charges plus additional $230 on water’s heating costs. So, every single method of saving water has value. A good article for economical irrigation methods can be read here. Especially in areas suffering from drought one must take these tips into serious consideration. Some regions take actions in order to promote their residents to save water. For example in L.A. region, a superhero has emerged to take action.

lawn dude 2

Meet the Lawn Dude – the new mascot of the fight against California’s drought. Lawn Dude was unveiled last Thursday by the Southern California Water Committee, a nonprofit advocacy group, and Clear Channel Outdoor as part of a campaign to get southern Californians to conserve water during the state’s protracted drought. He pops out in billboards across the region reminding the people not to consume too much water. Lawn Dude is to support the region’s goal to cut water consumption by 20%. In order to get to know him more visit his Twitter site.

lawn dude

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