Movie myths about swords

I have always wanted to hold a real sword, fight against all enemies and become a beautiful respected heroine. When I watch movies where good fights against bad and good almost every time wins I am wondering… How are real swords made?

Swords Katanas

Quentin Tarantino or Japanese comic books show Katana as a magic weapon. It is sharp and strong enough to cut through metal, bone or any object you need to cut. Is this sword so amazing because it is folded thousand times and beats non-folded metal?

Reality : Japanese sword-smiths used a metal know as tamahagane. West refused to use this metal for making weapons because it contained a lot of carbon. So process of folding of metal started as a way to get rid off carbon. Real Japanese sword-smiths folded metal about eight times as they knew that folding metal hundreds times would make your Katana soft and ready to become a toy for kids. Last thing to mention is that even if you have a good Katana sword you need a special training how to use it.

“Only a Japanese blade can end something this perverted.” Pulp Fiction

Swords always start as a molten material

Many people believe that every powerful sword came to the world as a molten hot steel. It is very magic to imagine that all of those swords which kill so many bad guys were liquid at the beginning.

Reality : It is very useless and pointless to make a sword like this. Steel blades that start as liquid material could be good just for your home’s collection of swords. Sword has to start as a huge metal piece to become strong.

The Sword of The Witch King – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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Modern metal revamps ancient weapons

Here we see that tradition survives when injected with modernity. Historically, a Japanese concealed weapon used for throwing was referred to as a Hira-shuriken, but in modern times it is known as a throwing or ninja star. Whilst previously this term was used for any star made of metal everyday items, they later tended to be made of the relatively modern alloys stainless or carbon steel.

carbon steel star 2



Corresponding with this traditional versus modern clash in manufacturing, the current perceptions of the throwing star differ from their origins. Unlike their revere today, the stars were thought expendable by Samurai warriors hence haven’t been preserved over time. Current replicas do however resemble the originals, thanks to the ready availability of carbon steel from which they could be made has increased due to its wide array of uses.

ancient star



It’s purpose of course has changed over time. Contrary to popular belief, shuriken were not primarily intended as a killing weapon, Shuriken were primarily used to cause either nuisance or distraction. Targets were primarily the eyes, face, hands, or feet—the areas most exposed under armor. The shuriken would sometimes be thrown in a way that cuts the opponent and becomes lost, later causing the opponent to believe that they were cut by an invisible swordsman.

ancient Samurai_on_horseback0

Shuriken, were also used in other innovative ways; they might be wrapped in fuse to be lit and thrown to cause fire , embedded in the ground injuring those who stepped on them, or wrapped in a cloth soaked in poison and lit to cover an area with a cloud of poisonous smoke. There are reports of shuriken being coated with poison, while other reports indicate that shuriken may have been buried in dirt or animal feces to cause a then-incurable tetanus infection.

ancient star 2


Once a cheap throwaway item, in its new carbon steel state throwing stars are revered collectibles. Shanghai Metal Corporation agrees on the value of carbon steel and is a manufacturer of this and other value added metal products similar to those mentioned in this article. If you would like to find out more, check out our websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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