A Gift For The Gods of Whisky


The “water of life” as translated in Gaelic is the perfect definition to what gentlemen all throughout the world drink. Although whisky or whiskey has become the choice of many aficionados, the problem is that most drink it with ice- since it would be sacrileges to shake it to chill it of course. Although the intention is viable, the drawback is serious; watered down whiskey or whisky which insults itself.  The “water of life” should no intent of purpose be turned into water itself, but since most people like to drink it chilled, what other option are there? Iced-metal is the answer to this prayer.


Iced-metal in the shape of cubes or ice have been chilling your whiskey, scotch, whisky, bourbon, and rye for the past few years-yet not many people give them the credit they deserve. Popularity in these spirits have always been high, but with TV shows such as “Mad Men” and “How I Met Your Mother” where some protagonist drink these spirits, popularity has soared yet again. The problem is that many still drink them “with rocks”-means with ice. And yes, there is nothing wrong with that, but even if you just place one cube of ice; you still manage to dilute it, and with time it gets worse.


A spirit of such esteem, especially one that has been aged for 15,18,21, or even 30 years-deserves respect and sipped slowly. If you just purchased one of these bottles and enjoy it chilled, stainless steel cubes and balls will be your new “best friend”. Compared to other products which include a variety of stones, steel produces the best result in the area of temperature and time.  Below, you will notice a graph depicting a long day of testing using the same 2oz/59ml whiskey.


The conclusion is plain and simple, stainless steel ice and cubes are the clear winners. With its retention of temperature and stylish appeal, these cubes and ice have rapidly gain popularity. Although there are some who disregard their existence, this addition to the world of alcohol will not only be a topic of conversation at your next house party, but in fact keep them from quickly drinking your whiskey or scotch and in turn allow them to appreciate it. Steel is slowly become for scotch and whiskey what Robin is to Batman-the sidekick it most certainly needs.


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Mario B.//SMC Editor



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